Unique Dealer ID and admin panel to monitor data, control Sales ID’s and more. Transforming the downloadable app into your app. Your Referral Management System


Instead of just handing out business cards or relying on word of mouth, your salespeople will have their own mobile app to give clients that will connect them directly.


Salespeople instruct customers to download the free app and put in your Dealer ID then select themselves as Salesperson. Now you’re in their pocket.


The Automonkey app makes it downright easy for customers to send you referrals. You’ll receive them as leads – and your salespeople can initiate to convert.

Our Mission

Help car dealers and consumers cut through the noise.

It’s no secret that Word of Mouth is King. Referrals and repeat business have driven every successful automotive sales consultant’s career. However, we’ve only had referral programs – no real, tangible system. 

McKinsey & Company explains, “As consumers overwhelmed by product choices tune out the ever-growing barrage of traditional marketing, word of mouth cuts through the noise quickly and effectively.”  

It’s time for a system. One fully immersed in the app economy we live in that brings the power of word of mouth to our fingertips. It’s time for a multi-faceted tool that ties a consumer-facing mobile app that’s a joy to use with a dealer admin panel to receive, manage and track the referrals sent through it.  Your salespeople will get referrals in their inbox too – and can now start the conversation.

A Referral Management System

By car guys, for car guys.

We’ve sat behind sales manager and finance desks, worked internet management, and most importantly, pounded the pavement as salespeople. We’re not just a lead provider or vendor, we’re a platform provider.

A truly mobile Referral Management System has been needed for years. One solely focused on crafting the simplest, most consumer friendly experience for both dealers and consumers. We’ve wanted it. Now, we’ve created a “closed loop” Referral Management System with Automonkey and we want you to have it.