Consumers Love It

65% of all new business comes from referrals, according to the New York Times.

Happy customers love to refer their family and friends. When your customers finish purchasing a car and you tell them about your referral program, if you’ve treated them well, they’re absolutely onboard. Every customer who is satisfied is a potential brand advocate. Social proof is huge. Sending referrals confirms their own purchase.

Then they go out into the world and tell their Uncle Bob to come in and ask for their salesperson. One of three things can go wrong: the referral winds up buying somewhere else entirely, or they come in and forget to ask for the right salesperson, or worse yet – they come in and don’t mention who sent them. All three things lead to your referrer not receiving their referral reward. Not a very seamless experience for your car buyers, right?

Which means they’re less likely to refer more people. 

With Automonkey’s effortless referral system, they have an app in their pocket and receive immediate gratification that their referral was received. Plus, they’re notified when the referral buys. Immediately building trust.  Just watch your referrals explode when your customers have access to this system.

Implementing Into Delivery

Check out our Best Practice instruction videos, showing how easy it is to introduce your Automonkey Referral Management System to customers in your delivery process.

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