Why You Need A Referral Management System

Your own personal single user account to turn the Automonkey app into your app for just $17/month. SIGN UP TODAY.

No contract. Unlimited access to your Single User Salesperson account means you have your own referral management system to capture every potential referral your customers are trying to send you.

Up until now, according to Texas Tech, “83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience- yet only 29% actually do.”

Why is that? Because there’s no tangible system for referral submission and tracking. With a Single User Account you get your own Dealer ID and are able to give every customer an app that allows them to send you referrals easily.

When you deliver a car, instead of just handing out a business card, you’ll instruct your customers to download the free Automonkey app from the Play or Apple store. Set it up for them by entering your own Dealer ID (which you get with your subscription) and that app now puts you and your referral system in their pockets.


How many times have you had a referral come in and forget to ask for you? If you’re like us, plenty. Automonkey’s powerful tracking system eliminates this possibility.

When every customer of yours has an Automonkey app on their phone that is tied to your Dealer ID, sending referrals is a tap away. Calling you, scheduling service, emailing you or checking inventory – all a tap away. All within their app. The app is for consumers. The Dealer ID turns it into a referral management tool for you. 

Our clients are seeing up to 2-3 leads within the first few days of implementing Automonkey into their delivery process. The more people you have download the app and use your Dealer ID, the more referrals you get in your inbox. The best part? Now you’ve got first shot at selling them a car. 

If your dealer is not currently using our platform, you’re not out of luck. Automonkey is designed by car guys, for car guys and gals. Get your Single User Salesperson Subscription HERE.


  1. Sign up for a Single User Salesperson Account and receive your own Dealer ID and Sales profile.
  2. Instruct every customer upon delivery and even your friends and family to download the free Automonkey app (iOS/Android) and use your Dealer ID to log in to the app. 
  3. Now the app is tied to all of your account info. Tell your customers when they want to send you a referral, use your Automonkey app to do it. It’s so simple. Meet The App for yourself and see!
  4. Receive the referrals your customers send through the app in your inbox as leads. Tip: The phone numbers are clickable!
  5. Login to your own Sales Profile Dashboard and see all of your referrals. Use this to change the status of the referral. After contacting or selling a referral you can change the status of that referral in the Dashboard from NEW to CONTACTED to PURCHASED. When you do that, it notifies the referrer of the status update on their consumer app. Voila! Can you say instant gratification? Customers will be notified when their referral puchases – how immediately rewarding is that?
This app is better than a business card. It’s finally a system for you to use to grow your own business and  succeed within your sales career. If you enjoy constantly waiting on the next up, this subscription isn’t for you. However, if you’re ready to generate your own leads out of the customers you already have – Automonkey is the best way to do it.



  • Salesperson Dashboard to monitor and track referrals and communicate referral status back to your referring customers.
  • A unique Dealer ID that follows you around no matter where you go. 6-8 digit code that ties the app to you and your dealership.
  • Leads in your inbox. Referrals come to you in an instant now. No more waiting around for them to show up in person.
  • Better customer satisfaction means more referrals. More referrals means more money.

Automonkey transforms word of mouth into a mobile system for your to plug into today. Stand out from the crowd and have your own app to give customers! Ready to begin?

No Contract. $17/month. Unlimited leads